Saturday, March 29, 2014

Songs of the Day

Three more tracks up for review today (7-9): "Prescription/Oxymoron," "The Purge," and "Blind Threats."
The start of "Prescription/Oxymoron" sounds like it could be a Lupe Fiasco track, which I can definitely cosign because I love him.  Another track about Q's life as a drug dealer (it's kind of the "Sing About Me" equivalent to this album), it has a somber feel to it that makes you listen.  The "Prescription" half deals with his love for pills.  The times where his daughter comes in asking if he's ok are really heart breaking, but it gives the listener a better visual on the content.  The Oxymoron half of the track has much harder feel to it, as it deals more with the dealing side of things.  I'm almost mad at how catchy the hook "I just stopped selling crack today" is, but that's the point of it.  A turn up track, for sure.  I dig.
As cute as it is to hear little kids curse, I've never really been a fan when it's on a record for some reason.  "My daddy said drive, nigga" is how "The Purge" starts, and I could've done without that expletive from a 4 year old, but whatever.  The rest of the track is chill, I really like the sample of the fire alarm used in the beat - cool choice.  I haven't really listened to Tyler the Creator since I reviewed Goblin forever and a half ago, and I must say I've always preferred him as a feature rapper.  I've never listened to Kurupt before, but the three rappers sound good together, and they've all got good flow.  Nothing about this track really grabs me, but it's not a bad song either.  Decent.
"Blind Threats" for sure is my favorite beat of the day.  The sample sounds like something out of a 70s movie, which gives it a old school feel that I dig, but it still sounds fresh.  "But if God won't help me, this gun will," damn, that's a deep hook, but I'm sure that's how a lot of people feel.  Dig the strings they come in, they sound pretty cool. Also dope to hear Raekwon on the track, his distinct sound works well with both the track and with Q's flow.  Dope track.

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  1. Before you get to the end of your 100 weeks you gotta check out Kurupt's "The Streets Is A Mutha."